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Divergent rules related to web accessibility requirements are reflected here. A detailed analysis of the impact of the different policy options on the concerned fundamental rights recognised by the Charter is carried out in the assessment of the impact of the policy options and in more detail in Annex 9. Current problems with accessibility of websites relate to the navigation and their structure, content presentation, text alternatives for graphics, and the user interface, for example, functionality available from the keyboard and compatibility with assistive devices.

The divergence in accessibility requirements concerns for example, the number of rooms that need to be accessible, and technical accessibility requirements that vary largely across the EU. By their very nature and origin, the obstacles to the functioning of the internal market, which are caused by divergence of national legislation, can only be tackled effectively through a common approach at EU level.

Based on the current legislative situation described in Annex 6, it is estimated that all Member States will maintain diverging technical accessibility requirements for the transport-related built environment by Accessibility is often perceived as a physical issue and therefore as an obligation to carry out costly alterations to the built environment: Target levels of broadcasting accessibility services vary between countries in both the quantities and types of broadcasting accessibility services to be provided.

In other countries like the UK service providers are required to make their websites accessible but without obliging a particular accessibility standard. The legislative divergence and consequent market fragmentation brings a lot of uncertainty with regard to accessibility for the consumers.

Compliance with the principle of subsidiarity. Regarding economic operators, an EU initiative would have a mixed impact on rights such as the freedom to conduct a business Article 16 and the right to property Article State parties should undertake a comprehensive review of the laws on accessibility in order to identify, monitor and address gaps in legislation and its implementation “. Comparison of Policy Options.

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The national requirements concerning these accessibility features diverge among Member States, sometimes, even at regional level The market for computers and operating systems is a global market.

The stakeholder consultation confirmed that the main national requirements related to accessible goods and services exist in those areas and a few other services open to the public.

No further action at EU level baseline scenario.

It provides for a number of measures related to the single market for electronic communications like inter alia a single authorisation for operating in all 28 Member States instead of 28 authorisations and enhanced end-user protection and empowerment measures in the electronic communications sector.

Monitoring and evaluation arrangements. In relation to access to emergency service Portugal requires accessibility of handsets for fixed telephony.

EUR-Lex – SC – EN – EUR-Lex

In a public consultation, industry representatives strongly supported EU public procurement rules on accessibility. A future EU instrument should set common objectives and general rules, while leaving freedom to Member States to define how to achieve those objectives, taking into account national circumstances.

Moreover, considering that one main barrier that ajministrazione.filetype with disabilities and older people experience is the ability to move outside of their homes, the potential benefit of accessible transport, hospitality or the built environment amminiatrazione.filetype a direct impact on the possibility for their participation in society and being included in common activities that all amminisgrazione.filetype do.

These “views” create “jurisprudence” in the implementation of the UN Convention. Those requirements could be different with respect accessibility standards used for the nellz websites. Voluntary standards to promote web-accessibility among private businesses have also been identified in Italy and the United Kingdom.

This relates specifically to amminitsrazione.filetype uncertainty benchmmarking industry of having different countries developing their own sets of accessibility requirements. The following list shows the final priority goods and services that are considered in this impact assessment. It is currently under discussion by the co-legislators. Application of those accessibility rules in practice requires a certain level of knowledge about accessibility, including often complicated technical specifications, from the public sector bodies preparing the bids.

What is the value added of action at the EU level? Preventing the market fragmentation and eliminating all barriers to the movement of accessible goods and services as well as encouraging innovation and creativity in this area would also contribute to achievement of the EU long-term visions of a highly competitive social market economy, as presented in the Single Market Act I and II.

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The assessment of the baseline scenario, i. In spite of certain enhancements proposed in the draft Regulation laying down measures concerning the European single market for electronic communications and to achieve a Connected Continent 68 and further BEREC work on implementation for these rules, specific measures on disabled end-users at national level would continue to differ across Member States subject to national transposition and implementation measures.

In addition, respondents to the public consultation were asked which goods and services should be given priority in relation to accessibility for persons with disabilities and elderly. However, the restrictions resulting from ajministrazione.filetype new rules would be justified and proportional and would result in an increase of the potential for intra-EU trade, from which the economic operators themselves would benefit.

The specific objectives are to lower barriers to cross-border trade and increase competition in the selected goods and services and in the area of public procurement, as well as to facilitate access by consumers with disabilities to a wider range of competitively priced accessible goods and services. In addition, the European citizenship report 21 highlighted the remaining obstacles that EU citizens with disabilities face when they move within amministrazione.fioetype countries or to other Member States, regarding ul, among others, to the built environment, to transportation, information and a amimnistrazione.filetype of goods and services.

The baseline scenario shows that this regulatory divergence will most likely increase. Other legal acts require accessibility but they do not define its meaning and content.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Hence ammministrazione.filetype does not guarantee a uniform implementation of the accessibility obligations. Ensuring free movement of accessible goods and services will have positive economic effects.

When the new rules enter into force, by 18 Aprillack of accessibility requirements at the EU level will result in further fragmentation at national or local level.