As part of the intruder alarm system, the Informa speech dialler dials pre- programmed phone numbers. It then plays recorded voice messages to alert someone. Honeywell 8EPA Informa White Speech Dialler: : Electronics. GSM 2G AUTO DIALER – ADT/VISONIC /HONEYWELL/UTC COMPATIBLE. The Informa is a Speech Dialler for use with intruder alarm systems. The Informa is a keypad unit that uses a telephone line to dial pre-programmed telephone.

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Honeywell tuxedo touch series home automation system 48 pages. The Informa More information. At the master socket identify the terminals A and Iforma. Commercial fire and burglary partitioned security system with scheduling 64 pages.

Honeywell Informa Speech Dialler

It then replays a previously recorded message, infoorma alerting the recipient of the call to the alarm and potential intrusion. The Informa can be used for the following: This is done as follows: This does not include your Follow Me telephone number, which is programmed when the system is set.

Plug your telephone line phone. Displaying the Informa Status [0] You can display the programmed state of each input to the Informa. To enter the engineer menu: For each alarm call, the.

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. When the system is unset the Follow Me telephone number will be deleted from the Informa. In both cases, if a Follow Me number has. In the first case, it begins by calling the first. How to unset system in alarm. Security System User Aitodialer Contents 1.


Please read these instructions before you start the installation. When it is triggered, it dials pre-programmed telephone numbers. After a short interval the Informa will replay the selected message. Operating Instructions Acknowledging Messages The person who answers the telephone call from the Informa must always acknowledge the call. What is an intruder alarm?

The Informa can also be programmed to contact your. Due to the implementation of the updated EN series. The sum of the REN values of all telephone apparatus connected to a single line should not exceed 4. If the Follow Me number is valid it will dial this first, otherwise it will dial the first configured telephone number. Sequential dialling This function gives priority to a person, and can be used to call the person responsible for the premises, plus anyone they have designated to take the call.

Testing the Informa b Press the number corresponding to the The Informa can perform a test call, in order to check telephone number to be deleted 1, 2 or 3.

Speech Dialler Engineering Information

In this case all telephone numbers programmed into the host control panel should be prefixed with the outside line code of the PABX. This can be done either by reference to the terminal numbers on the socket, or by the wiring code.

Intruder alarm system Operating Instructions. An example of a message could be: It may be necessary to use a special IDT termination tool to do this securely. To print the manual completely, please, download it. The Informa will only be triggered by the bell when the panel has been set. Consult your PABX provider for further details, if required.


For a complete explanation, see Input Association. Unique, easy to use, Follow Me telephone number. If the location message plus the Alarm message equals 15 seconds, then the Message Timeout setting should be 30 seconds. To alert you to an error, the Informa sounds a long two-note signal.

In the first case, it begins by calling the first User Manual for Autodialer v5. The Informa cannot contact the emergency services directly.

In the second case, the telephone number called. The Informa pauses for one second then sounds a tone for one second. An intruder alarm system monitors and detects unauthorised entry to properties homes and businesses alike.

If it fails to receive an acknowledgement it repeats its messages autodiaper the duration of the message timeout, then hangs up the line and flashes all four LEDs. This is usually 9. The Informa can memorise four spoken messages. The Informa will then sound two short beeps to indicate that it has received the autodialrr and then hang up.