J2EE, J2SE, JavaMail, Java Naming and Directory Interface, EJB, and JSP are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. UNIX® is a. Run from a Web server with J2EE installed The Java Servlet Alias file type, file format description, and Mac and Windows programs listed on this page have. J2EE is a platform-independent, Java-centric environment from Sun/Oracle for developing, building and deploying Web-based enterprise applications online.

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Some JSP containers support configuring how often the container checks JSP file timestamps to see whether the page has changed. The value indicates whether messages are consumed from the message destination, produced for filettype destination, or both. The name must be unique within the Deployment Component. The absence of any dispatcher elements in a filter-mapping indicates a default of applying filters only under ordinary client calls to the path or servlet.

The getInitParameter and getInitParameterNames filwtype retrieve context-wide, application-wide, or “Web application” parameters. The file name is a relative path within the module file.

fkletype It is the fully qualified name of a Java language class or interface. The large-icon element contains the name of a file containing a large 32 x 32 icon image.

It is used to designate the version of the web application. If the security role is not specified, the Deployer must choose an appropriate security role.

The servlet element contains the name of a servlet. The resource-env-ref-name element specifies the name of a resource environment reference; its value is the environment entry name used in the web application code. When there are multiple elements of welcome-file-list or locale-encoding-mapping-list, the container must concatinate the element contents.


It isn’t text so you have to write the file to the servlet’s output stream.

JSP pages use several delimiters for scripting functions. It returns the value of a request parameter as a string, or null flietype the parameter does not exist.

The welcome-file element contains file name to use as a default welcome file, such as index.

My name is Duke. What’s yours?

The output of this listing looks like Figure 4. In particular, and without limitation, these intellectual property rights may include one or more of the U. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form by any means without prior written authorization of Sun and its licensors, if any. The Assembler sets the value to reflect the flow j2e messages between producers and consumers in the application.

JavaServer Pages – Wikipedia

This is only used by the container for a Service. The servlet-class element contains the fully qualified class name of the servlet. The value must be a String that is valid for the constructor of the specified type that takes a single String parameter, or for java.

The port-name element defines the WSDL port-name that a handler should be associated with. If the value is a positive integer or 0, the container must load and initialize the servlet filetyle the application is deployed. The message-destination-name element specifies a name for a message destination.

The definition consists of an optional description of the security role, and the security role name. One nice feature is that this method writes a short response body including a hyperlink to the new location. The role-link element must contain the name of one of the security roles defined in the security-role elements.


The name must conform to the lexical rules for a token. Furthermore, after using this method, the response is committed and can’t be written to, or you’ll get an error. Web ARchive Filename extension. A value of INTEGRAL means that the application requires that the data sent between the client and server be sent in such a way that it can’t be changed in transit.

The service-ref-name element declares logical name that the components in the module use to look up the Web service. The bad URL will look bad, but not produce an error. The logical destination described fuletype this element is mapped to a physical destination by the Deployer.

Context means application scope.

The EJB reference is an entry in the web application’s environment and is relative to the java: Parameters are sent in the query string or posted form data. Defines the name of the handler.

WAR (file format) – Wikipedia

The optional contents of these element must be an integer indicating the order in which the servlet should be loaded. It is not specified if no wsdl-file is declared.

This name must be unique among the names of message destinations within the Deployment File. It is legal to name the same encoding through mulitple mechanisms. The latter, though, will throw an IllegalStateException. Simple Type Summary j2ee: