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The reason to opt for modules of 5 columns, it is about management, because it is extremely easy to upload it to the location of installation. And in appliances and electronics, also plastic bags, papers, as an alternative for those who live in urban areas. It is necessary to install jjos check valve so that in times when the solar collector is not warming up, avoid the reverse cycle, since water from the collector is cold and heavier than the water of the box or container, and Construction and Installation of Water Heater http: There just fold it in a simple way, using the lateral bending of the same Fig.

Environmental Sustainability Dish washer vs. Another type of insulation simple and effective but joa expensive, is to put a box of water within a compartment made of wood, bricks, or even inside another larger box, enough to take a break on the side of at least 6 cm, due to filling with any of the insulation above, not forgetting that it is mandatory to isolate the cover of the box.

Calaméo – José Alcino Alano

PET bottles and tetra pak cartons fit properly, are the role of the box, the absorption of solar panel and glass in conventional collectors, which is designed to both protect the inside of the collector of external interference, especially the winds and variations of temperature, creating the greenhouse effect.

You might qualify for a new solar program. These batteries have the majority of heating aid for rainy days or covert, with electricity or gas, controlled by thermostats that trigger the feature where the water temperature is below the pre-set by the alcinp.

Natural Fragrances to Eliminate Toxicity Solar panels made out of plastic soda bottles. For those who have, or may install a box or container with a volume equal to or higher than required, a very interesting and simple solution to find the temperature and volume of hot water, s that meets their needs for consumption, is to installing the outlet of cold water to the solar collector as low as possible.


Vale warn that if the box or container is outdoors, you should have protection against the weather, or otherwise the insulation will be damaged. Remember alsno each liter of water weighs 1 kilo 4.

José Alcino Alano

How long does it take to decompose? Diagram 2 3 – producing all the components of 3. Process similar to conventional heating of the system with siphon end, differing only in the materials used in its manufacture. Lisas bottles, belts and bottles of Coke and Pepsi new model.

I wanted to thank Mr.

Our solar collector differs from the conventional, in terms of materials used in its construction and thermal efficiency, because as a matter of lowering costs, we use the columns to absorb heat, PVC pipe less efficient than the copper tubes used in collectors conventional market, while limiting the temperature to levels that maintain the rigidity of PVC, without causing the softening of these, and consequently, undermine the structure of the solar heater on the upper part, causing leaks.

We recommend for cold regions, is shown to fill the bottom, between the bottle and box tetra pak Fig. As many of you asked about, here it goes!

It is noteworthy that the thickness of insulation is not sufficient to maintain or store the hot water until late at night. To find the latitude you need, or live, visit the website: To correct the problem, we built another collector with the same dimensions of the former, on sunny days to meet the normal consumption of 4 people.

It is appropriate to emphasize that almost all the problems of thermal efficiency of a solar heater, cease to exist as we approach the north and northeast. As the air inside the bottle back to the room temperature increases the volume, remains the same with the original format, eliminating the risk that, when stored in cool place, self-kneading it. Figure jps Figure 2 Figure 3 Fig. This is a blog that I created inspired on my classes of Environmental Science and my love and passion for aano topics related.

Option great a prototype in a laboratory school experiences.

Jose Alcino Alano

Find in Search Engines on Solar Heating and find excellent pages on the subject. But for the summer we will increase the reservoir to liters, or disable part of the collectors to prevent overheating. Amend a module to another, until xlano at most, to avoid alank on buses. The polystyrene does not stand for a long time exposed to the sun.


Please contact me through email in case you would like the complete pdf version of this manual with pictures.

This prevents the escape of heat from inside the column, and prevent the wind turn the cylinders, taking the position of Tetra Pak cartons, which is upwards, avoiding loss in income.

Although simple, it contains details required in the process. Newer Post Older Post Home. The precautions are on the merits of such packages, to avoid the contagion of very serious diseases, such as Leptospirosis, from the urine of rats.

José Alcino Alano – Google+

Find out if you qualify now! Thank you for visiting!

The ideal and recommended, it would be a reservoir for hot water only, with the size corresponding to the daily number of people, and near points of consumption to avoid waste, until it reaches the hot water tank.

Its function is to monitor the change in water level, seeking always the hottest part. But with respect to a useful destination Packages pet, tetra pak cartons, polystyrene trays, plastic bags, etc. Where the water supply of the property is only with cold water, we suggest a mixer simple and efficient, built with PVC pipes and connections, indicated for the shower, but with xlcino modifications, can integrate the other points of consumption in the home, such as kitchen, tank, toilet.

Diagram 1 This gap is necessary to ensure the movement of water in the collector with a difference in density between hot and cold water, and that as the water heats up in columns of joe collector, it rises to the top of the box or tank, while where the cold water being heavier is aimed at the bottom of the collector, pushing the hot water tank or the box, keeping the movement as long as solar irradiation.