Kahraman Tazeoğlu has 27 books on Goodreads with ratings. Kahraman Tazeoğlu’s most popular book is Bukre. Bukre – Kahraman Tazeoglu. Bukre: Bazi Asklar Aska Ihanettir by Kahraman Tazeoglu and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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But Gulliver is unhappy. There will be a storm. He can not go into the castle. He sees the princess. I want to go home back but. It is across the sea. The days are fine. I will help you. The sea is too rough. The sun is shining. It is a terrible storm! The evil queen is forced to dance in red-hot iron shoes at the wedding.

He marries Snow White. They sing songs and dance. The sailors work very hard but they are happy. He speaks to the captain. He is too big. She decides to kill Snow White herself. Here is some fresh fruit.


They have swords and khraman. Snow White comes to a cottage in the forest. It belongs to seven dwarfs. One day the mirror names Snow Kahrakan as the fairest. I am very hungry and thirsty. The sailors are afraid and they got sea sick! The pirates sees Gulliver. There is a king.

A big wave overturns the ship and Gulliver falls into the sea. She tries to kill Snow White first with a bodice lace and then with a poisoned comb.

The ship leaves for the South Seas the next day. The evil queen learns Snow White is still alive. It is very pretty. She names her Snow White. She decides to kill Snow White. I am not your enemy. He allows her to escape.

He is on a beach. Sit down outside the town! At last the queen gives Snow White a poisoned apple. He is not on Gulliver.

Kitap veya romanın İNGİLİZCE ÖZETİ kısa olursa

She does the housework. Where are you from? There are ropes across his body. The ship rocks and rolls. He blows and blows the ships away He has a big victory. They are very small. I will give you kahraan food.


Books by Kahraman Tazeoğlu (Author of Bukre)

Are you our enemy? I had a sea accident. They are terrified of him. One day a tazeoluu rides by. Gulliver is the star of the country. He is standing near his soldiers.

Gulliver catches them in his hands. It is a long way from England.

They give him presents.