Kali Kavacham. The Armor of Kali. Srisadasiva uvaca. The respected Eternal Consciousness of Infinite Goodness said: Kathitam paramam. Kalika Kavacham Translated By ander (This is the version of the prayer as given in a book in Malayalam The prayer obviously. shrIbhadrakAlIkavacham || shrIgaNeshAya namaH | nArada uvAcha | kavachaM pAtu chAmuNDA nairRRityAM pAtu kAlikA || 17|| shyAmA cha vAruNe pAtu.

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Perfect Health – Recite thrice or 3 times to remove the disease and for getting perfect health. May the Greater than the Greatest repose in my throat to protect ever my voice. Those who recite this Kavach have their desires fulfilled; the issueless get children, the moneyless get riches, and the students get telubu education.

Guru Shakti

For those with sorrows or fever or those with selfish enemiesA reading of the armour of Kalika grants enjoyment and salvation Om asya Sri Kalika kavachasya Bhairava rishianushtup Chandasri Kalika devathaShatru samharattham jape viniyoga Om for the armour of Mahakalithe sage is Bhairavathe meter is anushtupthe goddess is Maha Kali and it is being read to kill all ones enemies. Sugadham bhogadham chaivavaseekaranamuthamam, Shatru sanga kshayam yanthi bhavanthi vyadhi peeditha.


I am doing Maa Dakshin Kalika mantra from last one and half years with vyapak nyas. May we perform this chanting at night?

kali Kavacham 1 –

There, after life, all mortals and their wishes, dreams oali reflections come to their fruition, a pile of worthless ashes. On your youtube channel there are 3 4 videos of kali kavacham.

Previous Divine mother chalisa s Next Mantra. Oh goddess of devas. Email required Address never made public.

Either way, this site won’t work without it. The other two hands bless her worshippers. Kali is the Goddess of time and change. O welfare endower, may you kavachsm my tongue and taste.

An entirely different version of the Kavacha is given in hindupurohit. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Pls can u furthur guide me?? Brahmi, Shaivi, Vaishnavi cha VaarahiNarasimhika. Victory to thee, Durga Devi! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Such a person remains free from infirmities and is long-aged; even those who are weak become strong.

Which one is proper?? Vairi nasakaram proktham kavacham vasyakarakamParamaiswarydham chaiva puthra pouthra vrudhikaram.

Kali Kavacham | Ajah Dharma

I am seeing you who is the great goddess who formulated all Dharmas, And would tell you that wonderful armour of the Goddess which helps to fulfill all wishes.


Worshipper should worship the Goddess Kali before chanting this Kali Kavach. Yacha Kshaam ksheem kshum ksaim kshoum Kshaa swaha. Here are the best 7 uses of Kali Kavach that can lead to a fulfilling life: I meditate on that Kali, who is a great enchantress, has three eyes, Who has several forms, who has four hands. A brief puja in the mind is also enough. Dear Sir How may times should I recite this to get blessing from godess for fulfilling one of my wishes?

May the extremely fierce one protect both my shoulders. May the Goddess Mahamaya, the ultimate Measurement of Consciousness, protect my nose. When worn on the crown of the head, at the upper right arm, at the throat, or on the waist, Kalika Devi yields to such a person and bestows the desired results.