In this suspense masterpiece, Karin Slaughter weaves together the powerful human stories of three unforgettable characters from her New York Times. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. Bestseller Slaughter brings together characters from her two series for the first time with electrifying. In the trauma center of Atlanta’s busiest hospital, Sara Linton treats the city’s poor, wounded, and unlucky—and finds refuge from the.

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Books by Karin Slaughter. I just can’t believe no one called Will out on his rape. Ujdone About This Book. In her latest suspense masterpiece, Karin Slaughter weaves together the moving, powerful human stories of characters as real as they are complex and unforgettable.

I told myself I was going to write this review before starting Broken so here I am and I’m going to try and make it quick. Dec 05, Beverly rated it really liked it. Jul 17, Julie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I also like seeing the dynamic between Will, Faith and Amanda. Yet they seem to think by giving me directions for Atlanta, it gives the book some kind of authenticity.

I really enjoyed the mystery to this installment.

It just made things that more interesting and maddening. So, yes, shining star. I just love Will Trent.

Undone (Slaughter novel)

View all 8 comments. I like her attitude. Do I really have to explain why? Sara Linton of her previous series Grant County has entered the picture I am in reading heaven.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I had started this series when I realised that one of the character who was going to show up in this series already featured in the other series She had a tough past as well but this doesn’t give her a free pass to hurt Will constantly.


Having never read the ‘Grant County’ series, I was afraid the rein I just discovered Karin Slaughter, and as most of you know, there’s nothing as good as finding a “new” to you author who has many books already published. Sadness and heartache that she desperately needs to let go of.

It flows so well. And the more they get to know each other the closer they get.

Undone (Slaughter novel) – Wikipedia

What are the chances? Angie Polaski was looking like the biggest mistake Will had ever made in his miserable life. She realizes that he was the center of gravity in her life, and that without him, she has become undone. Time will tell I guess. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

I couldn’t believe she knew about the baby and didn’t say anything! While en route they hit a deer — or what they think is a deer until they get out of the car and see the naked woman covered with blood lying in the road. I thought the introduction of this character, the tie-in to the other series, and the explanation of what has happened in the years since, so emotional. In my stories, the women save themselves. This was just as much an emotional story as it was gruesome, really.

With every book there is a little more revealed. At the same time, I had a new story that had been working its way through my mind. Her nails dug into the back of his hand as he slid his fingers inside her. The guys who stare at fingerprints all day or try to find pieces of fiber on a pair of pants or put together a large pane of broken glass to see if the window was busted from the outside or the inside…my hat is off to them.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There were particular barbs against her for being a woman and writing about violence against women in such graphic detail. The local police vehemently deny him access, but he goes off exploring — and discovers an underground cave full of torture devices and a dead woman hanging from a tree. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. One of those lovely books where you find yourself holding your breath, without realising you are doing it until you suddenly let it out!

Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Rhapsody In Books with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. It will blow you away. I was fortunate enough to visit the GBI this year and got to tour their headquarters over the course of a few days. This latest book is part of a series with familiar characters we have come to love in spite of their many flaws.

For Will it relates to Faith’s health issues, and for Faith it is Will’s gentle and damaged soul, that until now has been his claim to fame. To view it, click here. Jun 29, Debra rated it it was amazing.

Lord above, they sure have some baggage and interesting pasts, especially Will. Will Trent and Sara Linton in the same book!!!!!!!! TW – the so-called “hero” is a rapist, and everyone hates women because why the fuck not Alright.