Hi i found these guides on my hdd probably outdated but may help beginners HTML Code: Kozen’s Guide – Aion Leveling & Mastery Guide. 年5月17日 Unlike other MMOs, it is rather difficult for you to level up your toon in the fantasy world of buy aion gold. But you can buy aion kinah in order to. The KozenGuides Eylos and Asmodian leveling guides are the top Aion leveling guides out. Their step-by-step instructions make the.

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Also learn the best techniques for earning Abyss Points and Rank so you can purchase Abyss only gear! See the free preview. Once you are ready, learn all the inside information so you can be a force kizen the Abyss. Written by master Aion players who have been playing since the beta this strategy guide shows you how to level questing not grinding so not only do you level fast, but you have more fun doing it. It’s a package of 7 guides: Kozen Aion Leveling Kizen is designed in a step-by-step manner.

I suggest you using a leveling guide to help you. They also offer free lifetime updates.

Kozen Guide

Contents 1 10 Aion Guides in One 1. The Aion title guide describes how titles in Aion are different than in most games, and how they provide useful bonuses to give you that extra edge. Kozen’s Aion Guide is actually 10 Aion guides in one! Retrieved from ” http: Unlike other MMOs, it is rather difficult for you to level up your toon in the fantasy world of buy aion gold.

Luckily it was so. About the Author An avid gamer since the invention of Atari I play a wide variety of games across most popular platforms and love to dominate every game i play.

If you build your Kinah early on you can purchase better gear and level that much faster in Aion. Click here to download this sample and convice yourself about the great quallity of this guide. Kozen Aion Guide thread. Last but not least, the Kinah Guide puts into view all the aspects of making money in Aion Online. KFGuides Aion Leveling Guide comes in both versions for the Asmodian and Elyos factions and has all the characteristics of a top leveling guide.


The Asmodian Leveling Guide shows the fastest way to level up from 1 to 50 with full maps and many screenshots. The leveling guides for each faction Elyos and Asmodians contain maps and illustrations to outline better every task you need to do within the world of Atreia.

The Kozen guide is constantly being updated and offers free updates for all members. The guide applies to any class in the game, and it’s designed to help the player manage the game time better.

This makes it very interactive. In this way you can manage your aion power leveling time better and increase your XP rate. The following are some fast leveling tips for you. Once you are ready to enter the Abyss go in fully armed and ready to experience the best PVP in online gaming today! Also, you can do quests, do grinding, start a private store in order to earn more aion gold.

All in all everything you need to know to maintain your toons wealthy. January 20, Posted in: The guide focuses less on grinding and more on questing. But you can buy aion kinah in order gkide level up fast. It also covers fortresses, artifacts, Abyss points and Abyss ranks.

Get the Kozen Aion Guide. Mail will not be published required. For the PvP fans, there is an Abyss Guide with everything you need to know about attacking or defending a fortress, and the best ways to earn Abyss points and gain ranks. Discover the nuances of the Aion rifts, how to avoid attacks gukde rifts and how to launch attacks against the other faction.

If you follow this guide you will fly through learning the basics of Aion and gain your wings fast.


The guide has lveling section with all the important quests in an area alphabetically ordered and directly linked to the Aion Armory where you can find additional information. Members also enjoy exclusive access to the Kozen Aion forum with videos gukde discussions about the guide and about Aion.

We bought them all and after professional tests and precise analysis, we decided on 3 of them. If you want more information, you can click: It is layed out as a printable PDF file and the excellent content is put together in a step-by-step manner.

See the forums help for complete information on how to set your profile image and use the forums effectively.

Kozen Aion Guide

From The Aion Wiki. The PvP player-vs-player guide shares strategies and tactics in all areas of Aion, especially the Abyss.

Above all, with the guide of the power leveling guide, you can make more progress in the game and you will gain more aion kinahwhich in return will make you level up fast aioj Aion. The Crafting and Gathering Guide, the Enchantment Guide and the Flight Guide come to improve your gameplay, helping everyone to squeeze the best of their characters.

The guide covers leveling both Elyos and Asmodian so you can use this Aion strategy guide to level any character or class you want! You will find here details about the Trade Broker, “unwritten” rules, rare items, information about the game economy, what to craft and what to hunt.

Kozen Guide – video dailymotion

However, every player wants find the easiest way to gain aion kina and to level up fast. Besides, you should solve the quests that are zion to your level to get a maximum amount of XP by completing one.

There are two separate guides for each factions in the game, Elyos and Asmodian.