Zoo City [Lauren Beukes, Justine Eyre] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lauren Beukes’s Arthur C Clarke Award-winning novel set in a. Zoo City is the Arthur C Clarke Award winning novel by South African Author, Lauren Beukes. NIROXprojects put together a Zoo City-inspired exhibition at Arts on Main in Johannesburg’s Maboneng Precinct with a bunch of amazing artists, curated by Ann.

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I wasn’t sure to expect when I started reading this as Lahren had bekes idea what it was about and bought it simply because the cover caught my eye. Retrieved 17 April The distinction between moral and legal culpability is unclear, as is the threshold which triggers animalling; however, being responsible for the death of another human is a definite trigger. I enjoyed this–for the concept, for the characters, for the setting. But my reasons for this particular rating are sound enough for me.

This was interesting to me I hate it when I read a book that’s beautifully written, but has a clumsy plot. Well that’s because the book refuses to sit still and be neatly defined. View all 24 comments. All in all I absolutely loved this book and the world that the author created!

The “animalled” phenomenon, we learn, dates back to the s, a plague with a trajectory strikingly similar to the Aids epidemic. Part Two also seemed rushed, with the author racing to wrap things up, along the way skipping many of the details that could have made this a really wonderful novel. Lauren Beukes tells us a bedtime story that hits too close to home and is sure to keep you awake until you reach the very last punctuation mark. Zinzi December hat ein Faultier. Set inin a world that is basically our own, except sometime around the mid-Aughts, a strange plague descended upon humanity — suddenly, people who commit murder or are even responsible for a death through indirect means find themselves marked for all the world to see by the sudden appearance of their own companion animals.


I look forward to Beukes’ next novel all the same. In this case it is very difficult to do as the moment I start talking about it I will give huge spoilers. Works by Lauren Beukes. To ask other readers questions about Zoo Cityplease sign up.

This book drew me in from the very first page. Was [person she murdered] between her and her drugs, or her boyfriend or a story or?. There is no rhyme or reason to what animal or power a person gets.

Urban Animals: Zoo City-inspired exhibition – Lauren Beukes Lauren Beukes

As seen on The Readventurer Just when I think there is no urban fantasy in existence which breaks away from the formulaic and same-old-same-old, I come across this gem, thanks to Guardian book podcast. We perform identity, wearing it like a costume. It felt like an overly awkward way to tell the whole story – fine for chapters in which it was necessary, but that certainly wasn’t the case everywhere.

Beukfs not sure I think she has as unique of a voice as bukes keeps saying.

Zoo City by Lauren Beukes – review

In Zoo CityBeukes hands us a protagonist with blood on her hands and a Sloth on her back, and in so doing she tells a story about a woman who reclaims her freedom to be who she wants, not who others expect her to be. And, you know, the idea of a little talking cat following me around is just fun.

The plot is ever-so-slightly incidental, as it mostly exists in order to provide a method to reveal the range of ways in which the phenomenon of Animalism aka Acquired Aposymbiotic Familiarism has changed what is otherwise clearly our world I mean, they have email scams and Britney Spears, so it’s gotta be us. She’s burned even more professional bridges that will prevent her from going back to her old life, and she hasn’t built any new ones.

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View all 12 comments.

Identity is a very fragile and ephemeral concept, and the philosophy surrounding identity fascinates me. They make ckty sad, and for some reason all urban books are always pointing out the miserable conditions of our existence.

Zoo City is one of the most original and captivating books I have read; I was hooked in five pages. But then maybe horror is the 4th genre in the blend, which is not such a draw for me. Why Does the Author Ignore Race?

South African born and bred, Werner is a zio designer and illustrator working in a little town smack dab in the middle of Mpumalanga. On the plus side, each has a special semi-magical talent. With brukes shavi she has the ability to find lost lauern, screwed up pop stars and way too many dead people. The “animalled” are also unable, it seems, to help liking and feeling affection for their animals. Cover of the British edition of Zoo City. Lists with This Book.

View all 8 comments. To really give myself over to fantasy, I find that I really need to understand the internal logic. Does anyone really have her best interests at heart?

I really loved the whole concept of the animals and Zoo City, it completely drew me in right from the beginning. While doing a job of finding a lost ring, she found it to be impossible to collect a payment.

A wealthy, reclusive music producer contracts her zoo find a missing teen Afro-pop star. Nov 07, Aubrey rated it liked it Shelves: