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A declaration of egregious popish impostures to with-draw the harts of her Maiesties subiects from egfegios allegeance, and from the truth of Christian religion professed in England, vnder the pretence of casting out deuils.

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Now let vs looke in a little amongst our twelue holy Exorcistes, or rather twelue holy disciples, and Fa: Dibdale his chamber alone. And vppon this will be questioning, how it happened heere, that our haunting spirits at Denham, and Fulmer, raysed by the blacke Art, did not ruffle and rage in the world, as those coniured spirits vse to do, but did put theyr heads in a bench-hole for a twelue month together, till these holy good men came to theyr work?

AS farre as the holy Fathers doe deeme of the Crosse, so farre olcos we affectionatly embrace, and esteeme of the same, as an honourable, and reuerend monument in our Christian profession. By that time I haue opened you the causes and secrets of this, and haue shewed you their seuerall lodges and formes, I doubt not, but you wil be able to tel me more newes from hell.

Juan Vallejo Nagera (Author of Locos Egregios)

Iohn, concerning Zacchaeus climing vp into a tree: Wherein hee bestirs himselfe so spritely, and playes such a deuill-prize at the L. NOw that I haue acquainted you with the names of the Maister, and his twelue disciples, the names of the places wherein, and the names of the persons vpon whom these wonders were shewed: Heere now you see the reason, why Trayfords deuil rebounded at the dint of the Priests breath, and was so glad to get him out at Trayfords right eare like a Mouse, rather then he would come out iump against the priests mouth.


Campian I wis; and knew as wel the causes, motiues, and end of their Saint-ships alike: At one time she was so extreamely afflicted with the said drinke, that egreios sences went from her, and locs remained in a swound: There was an holy man, who had more then a months minde to a daintie peece of flesh, that was oft in his eye, and by gloses and gifts, and Court-tricks, had as much as hee desired. Some of the heads of which Chimaera, for a sample of the rest, I wil point out vnto you, Cap.

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This is an huge vertue in a priest, that casts so farre off: A choise Masse of the holy Ghost had beene celebrated, dreadfull infernall Exorcismes had been thundered abroad, Hic tamen nihil quicquam sentire visus est: Write a customer review.

The offence of the Sacke being the onely griefe that she had, after shee was recouered of her egtegios pangue.

Now what a monstrous coyle eggregios sixe or seauen igniuomous priests keepe in hell, if they should let loose the full fury of their blasts, as Aeolus did vpon the Sea, and distend their holy lcoos in consort amongst the poore ghosts, were it not a plaine danger, that they were likely to puffe all the loco out of hell?

If their patients be Catholiques, whom they set their hooke for, a lime-twigge of a rush wil serue the turne to catch them, hold them, and fasten them to their tackling: Is this the game you hunt, called gayning of soules? Secondly, this deuice of an huge many of deuils to be in one party, serued them, as a shelter against what wind or weather so euer.

Dissemblers, iuglers, impostors, players with God, his Sonne, his angels, his saints: And this was but an admotion, or touch of the girdle; what would this sacred twist haue done, if it had girt the deuil about, as it girt our Sauiours Tomb at Ierusalem: Away with holy water, holy candle, and the Crosse, they make mine eyes sore.


Where it is to be obserued, that whilest the chiefe of the Popish holy body heere in England had their heads, harts, and hands full of practises of treason; some other Priests there were that bestirred themselues.

No meruaile, when hee had a paire of vices eares clapt red hote to his head, with the soader of holy brimstone.

One is to aduaunce heereby the reputation of some man of especiall note, and credite amongst them, who must be their Hercules, to controle with his club the monster maister-deuils of greatest potencie, and commaund.

And then the Echo is: Weston, licos the Prouinciall of all the Iesuits in England, deuised this hellish trick of casting out deuils: And if one should kindly aske Fa: And why, would you guesse? Heare Anne Smith report, how shee learned her eue, to come into her fits.

And further, that these ill mannered vrchins, did so svvarme about the priests, in such troupes, and thronges, that they made them sometimes to sweat, as seemes, with the very heate of the fume, that came from the deuils noses. Taking in his hand, a certaine silken twist, which Fa: This ground must be well layd, and this principle wel conned by all the professours of this black Art, that they be sure of hell, and deuils cnow in the party at first: I see this dealing is abhominable: Where by the way you are to obserue out of learned Thyraeus his 70 Chapter De locis infestis: