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Karsinoma nasofaring merupakan tumor ganas daerah kepala dan leher yang terbanyak ditemukan di Indonesia. Kelainan neurologi juga merupakan salah satu efek samping pemberian kemoterapi.

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Our data da that in Indonesia, the disease does not follow Chinese demographics and does not seem to be influenced by Chinese genetics despite the large population of Chinese descendants living in Jakarta and its surroundings, and despite that a high NPC incidence with Chinese origin is indicated in neighboring countries, including Malaysia and Singapore. For example, Chinese migrants have been shown to retain a high incidence of NPC even in subsequent generations, suggesting a strong genetic control.

LMP1 expression level was assessed on paraffin tissue sections with OT21C mouse anti-LMP1 monoclonal antibody staining, using the scoring method as detailed elsewhere [30].

Based on the data from this registry, we were able to study NPC incidence of 11 pathology centers in Indonesia that could provide sufficient data Table 2. Misdiagnosis could also result from patients who lack of knowledge about early signs and symptoms of NPC and cancer in general.

A similar age distribution has also nazofaring reported by Loh et al. Some patients from more distant underdeveloped rural areas lacked long-term follow-up.

The incidence of NPC in other countries is generally low, and it is therefore considered a rare cancer in populations of the Americas, Japan, Korea, and Europe [1][11] — [14].


A susceptibility locus at chromosome 3p21 linked to familial nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Bagaimana anatomi fisiologi Nasofaring? Tujuannya adalah membantu terapi utama agar hasilnya lebih sempurna. A review of patients treated with combined modalities. Pada eliminasi alvi relatif tidak ada gangguan.

This registration system is nasocaring only access we have to cancer data in our country. The work must be attributed back to the original author and commercial use is not permitted without specific permission. Remember me Forgot password? Gangguan akibat radiasi tidak hanya mempengaruhi jumlah sel limfosit T namun juga mengakibatkan defek pada fungsi sel T.

EGC ; 4. Copyright Chinese Journal of Cancer. Editor Monica Ester, dkk.

A clinical study of cases of nasopharyngeal carcinoma in Hong Kong. In addition to these factors, the presence of nitrosodiethyl amine in smoke and dried meat and the use of herbal nasal medicine are well-known risk factors of NPC.

Sebagai terapi adjuvan nasocaring sebagai terapi tambahan paska pembedahan dan atau radiasi 4. Kelemahan Kemoradioterapi Kelemahan cara ini adalah meningkatkan efek samping antara lain mukositis, leukopeni dan infeksi berat. It is appreciated that these may include patients of Chinese origin, but this is unlikely to influence the overall results on ethnic origin.

NPC is a frequent cancer in Indonesia, rating as the fourth most common tumor after cervical cancer, breast cancer, and skin cancer, and is the most common malignancy in the head and neck. Importantly, upperclass Indonesian patients may seek specialized treatment in neighboring countries nasofarnig Singapore, Malaysia, and China. Penelusuran lebih jauh dan dalam lagi mengenai perkembangan kasus Ca Nasofaring ini merupakan cq terbaik untuk mendapat informasi yang lebih relevan disamping makalah ini.

The parallel development of abnormal IgG and IgA antibody responses to EBV lytic antigens, which are characteristically associated with NPC development, most likely is a reflection of this process [18]. Breathing Pernafasan melalui hidung. Lingkungan yang berpengaruh seperti iritasi bahan kimia, asap sejenis kayu tertentu.

Previous epidemiologic studies suggest three major etiologic factors for NPC: Selain itu sel-sel yang resisten terhadap salah satu obat mungkin sensitif terhadap obat lainnya.


Crit Rev Oncol Hematol. Early stage NPC is difficult to diagnose clinically because of its hidden localization in the nasopharynx. Efek samping kemoterapi dipengaruhi oleh: Transformation of epithelial cells into a malignant disease by EBV may be enhanced by environmental co-carcinogens, and premalignant dysplasia may progress rapidly into cancer [8][13][14][21]. As a referral hospital, we treat patients not only from Jakarta and surrounding areas but also from other islands and regions like Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi.

Pasien akan merasa lebih tenang bila ada anggota keluarga yang menunggu.

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Dosis radiasi pada limfonodi leher tergantung tergantung pada ukurannya sebelum kemoterapi diberikan. Besides southern China, high incidence was also reported among Inuits and other native populations of the Arctic region.

Discussion Here, we presented our data about the incidence of NPC in Indonesia using pathologic reports from 13 university centers in Indonesia collected in the Pathology Cancer Registry System.

Please review our privacy policy. Hypothyroidism Pengaruh Terapi Radiasi Terhadap Sistem Imun Secara luas dilaporkan bahwa segera setelah pemberian radiasi terjadi gangguan 11 terhadap sel limfosit T, yang akibatnya memudahkan timbulnya berbagai macam infeksi.

Preserved foods other than salted fish could also play a part cw the etiology of NPC and methods of cooking may have an effect on the amount of volatile nitrosamines ingested [41].

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In high risk areas, such as Hong Kong, the NPC incidence in each sex rises sharply from the age of 20 onward and also reaches a plateau between 40 and 60 years of age [33]. Overall, the incidence of 5. Bagaimana pencegahan dari Ca Nasofaring?