lucid living a book you can read in an hour that will turn your world inside out by timothy freke ***** Imagine for a moment you are dreaming. Buy Lucid Living: Waking Up to Life by Timothy Freke now! Imagine for a moment that you’re dreaming. Read story Lucid Living – Timothy Freke by dalesrob with reads. gnosticism, zen, philosophy. lucid living a book you can read.

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However, as a short introductory tome it serves its purpose. Did it do anything for me? In the same way your identity right now is also inherently paradoxical. The trick to experiencing lucid living is to change the way you think.

Lucid Living by Timothy Freke

Yet, here we are, exactly where se started. This an extremely easy read – it took me 30 minutes, not an hour.

Rreke I compare life to a dream I do not mean to denigrate it as some sort of meaningless fantasy. Are you with me? As if there is some hidden meaning? And as awareness neither am I.

Are you open to the possibility that your present understanding of life could be mistaken?

Lucid Living: A Book You Can Read in an Hour That Will Turn Your World Inside Out by Tim Freke

What could be more magnificent than this glorious universe, in all its multifarious extravagance? Common sense says that you are a body within which awareness comes and goes.

However if you chose to read this book, open it at a time that you are genuinely contemplating life and tomothy looking for a way to change or change your perspective. Have you ever been conscious that you were dreaming whilst asleep at night? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


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It is who you temporarily appear to be. But the more I was reassured, the more irritated I became at my failure. Jan 09, Jeff rated it did not like it. I want you to see yourself as I see you, so that we can help each other enjoy this great dream of awakening.

Jul 11, Anne Glania rated it liked it. If you want to live lucidly, stop believing you are the person you appear to be right now. But I can take you on a blind date with some extremely bold and beautiful ideas. What is this essential you that is constant and enduring?

That is until the bubble bursts and we unexpectedly wake up. Its impersonal precision and intimate intensity. But when we realise we are everyone and everything, we find ourselves intimately connected to everyone and everything.

Your experience of this moment is all you can be absolutely sure of. Its harsh necessities and lush sensuality. Tell that to all those people who are suffering! Now I can see these 3D images quite easily.

Lucid living requires a fundamental shift of perspective, comparable to looking at one of those pictures of coloured dots that suddenly turn into a spectacular 3D image. I don’t think the audience of this book is meant to be versed in Descartes or Sartre for that matter. Awareness is the perpetual presence that is always present. This load of lucjd was merely a smokescreen for the author to meekly implore us with the oh-so-enlightening request to “all just get along”.

The first timohty is our next insight. Feb 15, Adam Dillon rated it really liked it. But I feel this he doesn’t explain lucid living in as much detail as I’d have liked: Then there was how he doesn’t really differentiate between being asleep and being in a dream like state.


Want to Read saving…. I received this book through NetGalley. Encouraged by my brief success I kept looking until I gradually got it. We never stop to wonder. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

The more consciously you read, the more likely you are to experience lucid living. The fact that we normally take life for granted, when it is actually so utterly mysterious, shows how unconscious we usually are.

The world exists within awareness. Awareness is the constant background of all your experiences. So, it’s not such a bad beginner book, and on the plus side, at least you won’t have to wade through hours of dense prose wondering what his message is.

It is indeed a short read. Even if the person you seem yimothy be were to die it would be OK, because actually you are the dreamer. Be awareness witnessing all that is happening right now. Not everything will apply or resonate with you, but maybe something small will which will enable you to live a happier life. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Open Preview See a Problem? When you are asleep and dreaming, the person you presently appear to be disappears from awareness and you appear to be a different person in a different dreamworld.