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Toward a Postmodern Philosophy. University of Paris B.

Jean-François Lyotard, Das postmoderne Wissen, , Personenregister

In concentrating on specific differences, Lyotard’s thought becomes overly dependent on differences; between categories that are given as fixed and well defined. We know it’s a mountain but we cannot take the whole thing into our perception. Such generalities as ‘concepts’ fail wisseb pay proper attention to the particularity of things.

What is deeply unsettling about the mathematically sublime is that the mental faculties that present visual perceptions to the mind are inadequate to the concept corresponding to it; in other words, what we are able to make ourselves see cannot fully match up to what we know is there.

Since Faurisson will accept no evidence for the existence of gas chambers, except the testimony of actual victims, he will conclude from both possibilities gas chambers existed and gas chambers did not exist that gas chambers did not exist. Why should these differences be privileged over an endless division and reconstruction of groups? Justice and injustice can only be terms within language games, and the universality of ethics is out of the window.

Jean-François Lyotard

Les Editions de Minuit. As metanarratives fade, science suffers a loss of faith in its search for truthand therefore must find other ways of legitimating its efforts. In this book, Kant explains this mixture of anxiety and pleasure in the following terms: In the ‘mathematically’ sublime, an object strikes the mind in such a way that we find ourselves unable to take it in as a whole.

He later gave up the dream of becoming a writer when he finished writing an unsuccessful fictional novel at the age of If the addressor, the addressee, and the sense of the testimony are neutralized, everything takes place postmiderne if there were no damages.

The language game of human passions, qualities and faults c. It has often been thought that universality postmiderne a condition for something to be a properly ethical statement: In more than one book, Lyotard promoted what he called paganism and contrasted it with both the rejection of the pagan gods in Book II of Plato ‘s The Republic and the monotheism of Judaism.


He was, despite his reputation as a postmodernist, a great promoter of modernist art. InLyotard became a member of Socialisme ou Barbariea French political organisation formed in around the inadequacy of the Trotskyist analysis to explain the new forms of domination in the Soviet Union.

Das postmoderne Wissen | Lyotard Jean-François

Having moved to teach at the new campus of Nanterre inLyotard participated in the events following March 22 and the tumult of May The ” postmodern condition ” Collapse of the ” grand narrative “, wixsen economy.

University of Paris X DrE Lyotard was impressed by the importance of childhood in human life, [37] which he saw as providing the opportunity of creativity, as opposed to the settled hubris of maturity. The correct sense of a phrase cannot be determined by a reference to reality, since the referent itself does not fix sense, and reality itself is defined as the complex of competing senses attached to a referent.

But universals are impermissible in a world that has lost faith in metanarratives, and so it would seem that ethics is impossible. Whenever we try to understand or even memorize: From a Nietzschean and Deleuzian point of view James WilliamsLyotard’s postmodern philosophy took a turn toward a destructive modern nihilism that his early work avoids. Kant postomderne that if we are in actual danger, our feeling of anxiety is very different from that of a sublime feeling. InLyotard earned a State doctorate with his dissertation Discours, figure under Mikel Dufrenne —the work was published the same year.

This becomes more lyotarv in Au juste: This explains, in both cases, why the sublime is an experience of pleasure as well as pain. Lyotard’s other book was named The Confession of Augustine and was a study postmodetne the phenomenology of time. The latter is too particular to be an ethical statement what’s so special about Margaret?

Either there were no gas chambers, in which case there would be no eyewitnesses to produce evidence, or there were gas chambers, in which case there would still be no eyewitnesses to produce evidence, because they would be dead. The point is that any event ought to be able to be understood in terms of the podtmoderne of this metanarrative; anything that happens can be understood and judged according postmodernd the discourse of human emancipation.

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His interdisciplinary discourse spans such topics as epistemology and communication, the human body, modern art and postmodern artliterature and critical theorymusic, film, time and memory, space, the city and landscape, the sublimeand the relation between aesthetics and politics.

From the point of view of deconstruction, Lyotard’s philosophy gives too much credit to illegitimate categories and groups. He is fiercely critical of many of the ‘universalist’ claims of the Enlightenmentand several of his works serve to undermine the fundamental principles that generate these broad claims.

It is not possible repetitively to lend an ear to the sublime posfmoderne falling into despair due to its fleeting nature. According to this metanarrative, the justification of science is related to wealth and education. Rapport sur le savoir The Postmodern Condition: So, in putting forward a false argument against a rational consensus, Lyotard plays into the hands of the irrational forces that often give rise to injustice and differ wisswn.

Ethical behaviour is about remaining alert precisely to the threat of this injustice, about paying attention to things in their particularity and not enclosing them postmiderne abstract conceptuality. A Survey of Modern Social Theory. Index Outline Category Portal. Lyotard is a skeptic for modern cultural thought.

Socialisme ou Barbarie had an objective to conduct a critique of Marxism from within during the Algerian war of liberation. There are two alternatives, either there wiasen gas chambers or there were not, which lead to the same conclusion: It attacks Lyotard’s search for division over consensus on the grounds that it involves a philosophical mistake with serious political and social repercussions.

Poztmoderne case of differend between two parties takes place when the regulation of the conflict that opposes them is done in the idiom of one of the parties while the wrong suffered by the other is not signified in that idiom. University of Minnesota Press, Print. SchriftTwentieth-Century French Philosophy: